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November 30, 2007

Zeros and ones

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Here it is, if the thingy works right.

Zeroes and Ones


October 4, 2007

Susan Orlean, “Lifelike”

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A Soft Touch Duck Degreaser? Really?

Orlean has a very dry sense of humor, never quite mocking the taxidermists but always seeming to allow these people to mock themselves (unknowingly). Her listing of animal parts is disturbing at best, and I have to say, Josh, if you wanted to creep me out this week, you succeeded in spades.

Shari Caudron, “Befriending Barbie”

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This was an odd one. It may simply be because Barbies – or any sort of dolls with simulation hair – disturb the shit out of me. Caudron’s tone does have that curious amusement to a point, but felt too detached from the piece. Granted, it’s literary journalism, but this quickly becomes a story that is personal to the people she’s writing about, and to not have her apparently vastly different view contrast against it seems off if she’s not writing a straight-up news feature.

I would have liked it to simply be about Judy, with the Barbie story surrounding it. I think there was humanity in it, whereas the rest of the story had an uncomfortable Christopher Guest vibe to it that just didn’t jive with the strongest point of it – that a community’s a community regardless of its reason for existing.

I just felt that Caudron was very, very uneven in her pacing, her tone, and way off in her focus. This looks more like a pre-write than anything, and I would have liked to have seen more of Judy, where the personality and emotion really lay.

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